City of Four Lakes, North American Midwest

Memorandum of Understanding

The MOU for curation of "The Faces of Madtown - A Portrait-Story Project of The City of Four Lakes" (FoMT PSP) with Madison Community Co-operative (MCC) was as follows:

1. MCC is endowed with 74 FoMT PSP originals plus one introductory piece, numbered 1 through 75 because:

  - an MCC co-oper initiated FoMT PSP and helped choose its title.  - of agreeing with the Mission Statement of
The Portrait-Story Project (PSP) at a September 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

  - some MCC co-opers were FoMT PSP participants  -the MCC hosted the PSP bottomliner

  - MCC is a Madison-area community-building organization which values these Portrait-Stories and 
has spaces to exhibit them.

2. That FoMT PSP is to remain together as a collection that is never for sale and exhibited indoors, as
regularly as circumstance reasonably allows, in their numbered sequential order.

3. That Portrait-Stories are intellectual commonwealth which anyone may photograph and/or upload or
download as images online.

4. That The Faces of Madtown Portrait-Stories are not to be altered in way other than perhaps the option of
framing or mounting them, or bringing them to a professional restorationist if accidentally damaged.

5. That the MCC may lend FoMT PSP to other Madison-area publically-accessible spaces for the public to see
at no charge if arrangements are made for FoMT PSP to safely return to MCC afterwards.

6. That FoMT PSP originals are fragile and should never be sent through any commercial or government
mailing system.

7. That The PSP is volunteer-based and not a business; that niether the PSP bottomliner, nor the MCC, nor any
PSP participants has received nor will receive any monetary compensation for the production or exhibit of FoMT 

8. In the event that FoMT PSP resumes, MCC will make the FoMT originals available to the PSP bottomliner
again for the purpose of outreaching for more participation.

9. In the event that MCC discusses publishing FoMT PSP as a book or bound edition the PSP bottomliner  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should be notified immediately and deferred to with respect to his role as quality control
and Foreword / Afterword writer. For an example of a quality precedent, see "The Post-Katrina Portraits - Written
and Narrated by Hundreds."

10. That in the unlikely event that of MCC disbanding, the MCC would contact The PSP bottomliner, Francesco
Lovascio di Santis and provide opportunity for him to retake custody of FoMT PSP for the purpose of finding
another Madison-area group to leave them with.